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the herb family you know how I cry every night I still think about you like you out there without me, I love you, and I don ’ t know what to do, how can I live without your favorite tears on her cheek you now no but there is a hope to live on, but I felt that you still are my beloved, I do not know how you hold a hand like a kiss on the cheek when you sing I hear your whisper in the dream I love you and I don ’ t know how can I live without you come back to me the star

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Метки: Хочу любви, Любовь всей жизни, Потерянная любовь

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Сударыня, судя по всему, это стихотворение — авторский перевод двух
других, «Коханий» и «Любимый»-так и должно зваться «Beloved»...

оля романюта19.11.2012 15:01

я учту!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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